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Image by Alesia Kazantceva


Committed to Excellence

At STRONG TOWER COLLECTIVE, we understand that the ability to live out your purpose requires a Mindset of Protect, Grow and Empowerment. Our products and services help businesses, families and individuals thrive not just survive.  We create solutions and experiences that Lift Up people to live their best life.

We bring solutions and expertise that address our most important asset to the success of any business or legacy, People.

WE know with God all things are possible...


In alliance with our carriers and partners, providing over 100 years of products and services, we offer a diverse portfolio of world-class solutions as an integral part of our services. Strong Tower Collective is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas covering multiple states across the US with locations in Brazil, Indiana and Houston, Texas.

Our Mission 


To educate and bring customized solutions for businesses, families and individuals; inspiring action to protect and grow wealth; enable and secure future generations while making impactful contributions to society and to our communities...

Authenticity in who we are and how we help our clients

Purpose driven - meaningful relationships

Serve with passion

Accountable for the fiduciary responsibility we hold

Impact - being part of something bigger than ourselves...

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