Where the Passion Begins


Business & Capital Strategist, Global Facilitator

Stephanie brings more than 39 years of combined experience as an Entrepreneur and in the Corporate World. A global presence that consists of 22 years in Leadership, Human Resources, Talent & Development, Sales and Operations within various industries to include technology, telecommunications, electronics, optical, retail sector, manufacturing and distribution. Her broad-based expertise has helped her develop lasting partnerships with leaders and clients within matrixed organizations to drive innovation and align business goals to achieve performance excellence.
As a Professional Facilitator and Speaker, she inspires others to take action in becoming their best both professionally and personally. As a Consultant, she works closely with her clients in customizing the right strategies and solutions for business enablement.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico she and her husband Alex enjoy travel, music and cooking. Stephanie is passionate about spending time with family.Her 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren are a daily reminder that the possibilities are endless, there is always a positive way forward and every day is full of teachable moments, discovery and growth.


Master Trainer

Michael brings more than 30 years’ experience as Corporate Trainer, Business Partner, Sales Associate and Communications Expert.  He enjoys building relationships and brings the perfect mix of positivity, passion and energy to the classroom. For 21 years prior to joining Strong Tower Collective, Michael was a Corporate Trainer, Facilitator and Business Partner at HP Inc. He is recognized by clients as a trusted advisor and as an individual genuinely interested in helping others learn and grow.  

Michael and his wife MaryAnn (yoga instructor and life coach) are based out of Northern Colorado where they enjoy hiking,
kayaking and just about anything else outdoors. Michael has climbed 32 of the 54 fourteen thousand-foot mountains (14ers) in Colorado.


Business Owner, Personal Development Coach, Trainer

Craig brings over 30 years’ experience to Strong Tower Collective. His career spans throughout the transportation industry and adult education with areas of expertise in Training, Operations/Logistics and 20 years of Professional Development.
His passion as a Certified ACCT Level 1 Challenge Course Practitioner results in transformative growth experiences for both students and as a Facilitator. He is a big believer in the breakthroughs that experiential learning creates for organizations, and in people’s lives. Craig has invested much time, passion and energy in support of leadership training, personal and professional development, and “challenge course” activities. His strong commitment to depth, quality and integrity brings results in the work he facilitates.
Craig is a long-time resident of Boise, Idaho, where he lives with his wife, Sara. They enjoy travel, camping, music and he enjoys time working on the Harley or his Classic truck.


Professional Trainer, Business Strategist

John brings over 20 years of experience to Strong Tower Collective, from a variety of business practices including Training, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Sales and Content Creation. A global presence within the tire and automotive industry, motorsports and real estate industries.

Graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee his professional career started on Music Row. Today, John brings his skills and combined expertise as a Trainer and Business Strategist to entrepreneurs and business owners. He is passionate and intentional about making a positive impact in the lives of others.

John resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his beautiful wife, their amazing children and two energetic dogs.  As a home school family, they enjoy traveling, hiking, horses, baseball, golf and fishing.


Professional Trainer

Jennifer brings nearly 20 years’ experience to Strong Tower Collective. Her career spent as a Human Resource Professional in Training and Development, Compensation and in Generalist Roles within the educational, medical, motorsports and the automotive and tire manufacturing industries. Jennifer is passionate about building successful teams, improving communication, and encouraging profitable growth through the use of training and educational experiences. Her focus as a Trainer is to encourage individual growth, help people develop new skills while building the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Jennifer graduated with a Business degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology, a Masters of Business Administration and is PHR certified.
She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband John and their children. A home school family who enjoys travel, hiking, sports and equestrian.


Sales, Marketing, Client Relations

Ian joins Strong Tower Collective in a Sales and Marketing role, while a current student at the University of New Mexico. He brings a number of years of experience in these areas along with Client Relations, Inventory Management and 3D expertise as a Field Technician. His experience spans across the retail sector, auto and real estate industries. Ian enjoys learning new skills, building client relationships and creating greater value in products and services to bring exceptional experiences. He is looking forward to graduating college with a B.A., and wants to take his educational and life experiences into future projects that will help businesses thrive and build for the future.
Ian resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is a licensed commercial drone pilot who enjoys reading, watching soccer, volunteer work and spending time with his family.


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